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City Soccer Select Training

City Soccer Select Training is an elite-level supplemental program. For the first time ever, the top players in South Florida have the opportunity to train and compete together without leaving their club teams! This tryout based, select program ensures that your child will be able to train at their maximum capacity without any distractions.

This program is intended for serious players who enjoy training and would like to experience the next level of the game. City Soccer Select Training offers a solution to elite players who would like to play with other players of their caliber without switching clubs or driving hours to practice each week. In our experience, families of top players are often convinced to pay thousands of dollars and travel far away to "academy" teams that aren't much better than the team they left.

City Soccer Select Training is based on an athlete-centered curriculum that starts with the experience of the player and creates the ideal mental state for learning. No screaming coaches or parents. no disruptive players. no fear of being benched or playing out of position. Instead you can expect fast-paced sessions that increase speed of play and thought, focused players who are actually at your child's level, rapid skill acquisition, and the optimal state of consciousness for learning and performing (flow).

About the coach - David Farrokh is professional soccer coach and who has done extensive work in the science of motor learning, cognitive development, skill acquisition, nonlinear dynamics in sport, and flow states. David is trained in the Neuroscience of motor learning through FC Barcelona and has worked professionally as a brain coach. David's philosophy and curriculum are based on the latest research in the neuroscience and psychology of learning. For more information check out his blog at www.bigpicturesoccercoaching.com

For more information on the program come to our open house and Q&A with Coach David and the City Soccer Staff!

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